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Call Center: Toughest Job

Posted on August 16, 2016 | No Comments on Call Center: Toughest Job

There must be a lot of things you’ve been hearing about call center jobs, especially when you have been in the industry for quite some time now. Some people would say being a call center specialist is a lame job, because you won’t get to do anything except to sit and take calls. These people clearly do not have any idea on what’s going on inside the operations floor. True, you might just be sitting for your entire shift, but a lot could happen in your eight-hour sitting spree.

Tolerating irate callers. The job as a call center agent is more challenging that people perceive it to be. Not many people can handle difficult irate callers with a smile and playing nice. Sure, it’s over the phone, but the emotions conveyed in your tone of voice is just very hard to conceal. Ask to people to try that and tell them to let you know the experience.

So much money, so much work to do. Some people would say that you are getting paid much more than what you deserve, given the things that you do at work. Your night-differential and hazard pay would not even begin to cut it with the amount of things you have to learn and unlearn in a course of a few weeks, or in some cases, days. Changes in call spiels, company policies and client SOP is some sort of a permanent thing in call centers, and not everyone can catch up and make the changes take effect immediately. Only certified call center agents can do that.

So little time. Right, you’re taking time offs and rest days, but most of the time it’s on the middle of the week. This is when the rest of your family and friends are busy with what many consider as “normal” routine (work from morning ’till evening). You may always appear to have less time than them, but in reality, you are just caught up with work demands, which is tough for some people.

This is a very short list of things that makes call center job a tough job. A lot of times, people are belittling those who are working in this industry, simply because they do not have any idea on how the work is being done. They just rely on the things they hear but not understand.

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