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Call Center Voice Modulation

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The modulation of voice is important for call center agents in order to make their verbal speech clearer and more interesting. Modulation of voice basically involves moving the pitch or tone of the voice up and down as oppose to a dull even pitch throughout a verbal speech. Modulation is used to enhance emphasis in words, to create meaning or emotive expression by rising and lowering tones. The best way to achieve voice modulation is through training. An agent can also self practice modulating one’s voice through simple tips like lowering ones pitch or tone on words that needs authoritative verbal expression. And upwards pitch on the other hand is usually added convey interest to a statement. The repetition of words or phrases can be used also be in stressing ideas or words.

Aside from the aforementioned direct tips for modulating one’s voice, it is equally important to do some exercises to improve the sound quality of the voice, which forms part of modulation. This can be done by vocalizing every morning or after one wakes up before going to work. Vocalizing can be done by taking deep breaths and reciting any sound syllable continuously to improve voicing stamina. One can also practice reading or reciting tongue twisters or any script to practice diction and pronunciation. A healthy body can also result to a healthy voice. Apparently, regular exercise and meditation can also keep your voice in good condition. One should drink water to keep your throat moistened. And finally, to keep your voice quality, one should avoid cold beverages and other food items that can infect ones throat like chocolates and soft drinks.

While the best way to achieve voice modulation is through voice training, there are voice modulation software that are available in the market to artificially modulate the voice. This voice modulation software are often used in the music recording industry to add variety and generate voice effects to the vocals. At the moment, it is a common belief that the use of voice modulation software is not practiced in the call center industry because the modulation software can perceptibly mask the agent’s voice, which may have repercussive effects to the company.

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