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Call Center Wage Hike

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Philippines is the second largest call center business capital in the world today, the BPO companies knows that hiring call center agents is as easy as 123. They expect that hiring Filipinos as their agent means giving them salary not on the range of salary bracket. For instance in the provinces, many call center agent employee receives only below the minimum wage salary.

Other companies reason that they giving more jobs rather than not having a job at all. In this situation, the jobless individual will accept what the company will offer as long as they have a job. This is not acceptable on other agents, and that is why they are asking the help of the government on how to improve and raise their salaries as a call center employee. Researchers compared to the other countries; the call center agent receives only a minimum wage minus other benefits considering that the Filipinos have the talents and expertise in delivering their jobs. Other countries also do what the agent in the other country do they do the same jobs, and yet they are deprive in receiving a higher salary. The bottom line is that they actually receive a very low salary. And speaking in English is their second language, that is why working as an agent and talking to the customers on the other side of the world is not a big deal anyway.

Ever since the call center industry in the Philippine started in year 2005, many clamor on how to receive bigger salary has started to pour in. They think that it is about time that they will have to voice out their needs on how to improve their take home pay.

The Labor Center or the Kilusang Mayo Uno destined that the Call Center Association of the Philippines should contrast the call for a P125 across the board wage hike nationwide. They ask the government that it is about time that they should increase the salary of the call center agent in the Philippines. Again considering that the agent in other countries receives a minimum of P70, 000.00-75,000.00. It is very much afar to P15, 000.00 the Philippine Call center agent only receives in their monthly salary. And this is also the reason why the agent prefers to work outside the country.

The sacrifice of the agent should recognize for they are most of the time on their jobs. They shift the day from night. The time they lost in their family during the day time should be considered just to earn a living and support their families.

The proposed bill that provides P125 across the board increase is now pending before congress. But the Department of Labor and Employment has ruled out that chance of increase of wages of the call center agent means a dislocation of over 30,000 workers. Meaning increase in salary is basically still a dream for the call center agent in the Philippines.

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