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Call Center Written Exams

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There is no standard written test in the call center industry. Every company formulates its own written test to effectively evaluate the qualifications of applicants or potential employees. While majority of the services in the call center industry is verbal in nature, the use of written tests or exams usually forms part of the evaluation and recruitment procedures. Thus, passing the written exam is crucial in applying in a call center.

The written exams in a call center are usually comprised of basic grammar skills. These included knowledge of the basic parts of speech (i.e. noun, pronouns, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunctions), ramifications of each part of speech such as type of pronouns (i.e. demonstrative, personal, possessive), plural forms of nouns, tenses of verbs, clauses and sentences, spelling, homonyms, antonym and other similar grammar concepts. It may also include reading comprehension skills in which examinees needed to answer questions based on a written material. Still others include logic or abstract reasoning to test the rational or logical thinking or potential of an applicant. For job openings for non verbal accounts, the written test may also include simulated typing activities in which the speed and accuracy of the applicant in responding to clients is assessed.

Finally, the written test may also include a personality exam in which applicants answer a set of personality or behavioral questions usually multiple type of exams, through which the HR personnel are able to decipher and evaluate the personality of applicant and assess whether they fit or match the requirements, culture, standards or demands of the company.

Apparently, the written exams for other higher positions in the call center company may be different. For instance, written exams for supervisory level positions and IT administration positions may include subject matters that directly relate to the nature of the job. In some cases, these may include scenario analysis to test the management skills of the applicant as well as essay type of questions in which the leadership and general knowledge of the applicant is also assessed.

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