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Call Centers in Bulacan

Posted on February 5, 2018 | 7 Comments on Call Centers in Bulacan

The province of Bulacan promises to be a new seat of urbanization and commercialization not only because of its proximity to the National Capital Region but because of the much anticipated LRT extension in Malolos Bulacan which will definitely facilitate faster and cheaper transportation from Bulacan to Manila and vice versa. Because of this, Bulacan province had always served as a viable alternative option for investment.

In the call center industry, Bulacan had been a home to some smaller call center companies such as Itech solutions (Interactive Technology Solutions) a contact center specializing in technical support and is affiliated with Digitel.

Another call center in Bulacan is Vital Call Center Link (VCCLink), Inc., which was established in 2004. Vision-X Inc. is another call center company that provides customer service support to different languages including Spanish, Chinese and even Tagalog. Finally there is also Metacom, a BPO company located in Baliuag Bulacan, which specializes in handling support operations of companies.

Because of the proximity of Bulacan from Manila, many call center agents working in Manila are actually from Bulacan. Because of the demand for call center agents, a vocational school specializing in training students for a call center career was established in Bulacan known as the Global Link Call center Training Academy.

Late last year, Bulacan also launched it first ICT park in Marilao. It is a special economic zone that is expected to attract foreign investments to the province including call center companies. At the moment, three call center companies had confirmed to put expansion branches in Bulacan IT park. Chief among them is the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT).

It is not clear though what business will PLDT put there. Another BPO company set to mark its presence in Bulacan is the Lead Tree, LLC, a BPO company specializing in B2b market lead generation and cloud-based CRM. Finally, Sutherland Global Services has also expressed its interest to expand in Bulacan. As one of the biggest call center companies in the Philippines, Sutherland currently employs over 30,000 people around the world

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  1. len Reply

    Good evening..I want to know what are the requirements needed to apply in yiur company? Thank you and more power.

  2. Peter Paul Perez Reply

    HeLLo,i just recently relocated to hagonoy bulacan and is currently looking for work with in bulacan,i am presently employed in makati.i would appreciate it if you can send me an email on what your company offers.thanks

  3. Rizalyn Dela Cruz Reply

    HI,I live in Plaridel Bulacan and currently looking for a job,specilly in bulacan area.May I know your requirements and qulifications.Thank you.

  4. Chris Joann Robles Reply

    hi i’m currently a regular employee at a BPO company here in ayala and wish to work in Bulacan Area I’m from Calumpit Bulacan. It’s very difficult for me specially I have a 1 and a half old baby that breastfeed with me. I go to work and home back and fort everyday and spend a lot for my fare. Hope I can find nearest BPO in Bulacan. Thanks.

  5. Florence May Wagner Reply

    Hi…I’ve been working in a call center since 2010..residing here in Malolos..I am also looking for a call center here in Malolos..I heard CGS in Malolos. But I havent apply yet.I got their email add :career@cgsph.com . I just want to ask if theres a call center company in Cabanas?

  6. Marie Faye Dimagiba Reply

    Hi. I would just like to know where exactly in Bulacan is your office located? And what are the necessary requirements needed to apply for the position? Thank you.

  7. RObert John Ignacio Reply

    I’m currently looking for a BPO company near bulacan, i came from Convergys San Lazaro and my account is Comcast Tech support. Hope anyone can help me find a new BPO career.

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