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Call Centers in Dubai

With the advent of the social media revolution and dynamically changing profile of customers in the modern society has initiated the growth of the contact center industry in the Middle East particularly in Dubai. While the industry is still in the nascent stage compared to those in the Philippines and India, contact centers in Dubai are gradually sprouting following the need to abreast the service levels of companies with increasing expectations of customers. While state-of-the-art technology is apparently stirring customer service at greater heights, contact centers are also realizing the importance of personnel in the service delivery chain. This is especially crucial in the Middle East, where customer relationships are highly personalized and are therefore considered as a necessary strategy for survival. The need to establish a trust-based relationship is critical among the Arabic culture before any deal can be achieved. Thus, the growth of contact centers in Dubai is fueled by the assumption that contact centers are critical in enhancing and maintaining relationships with customers.

With the growing call centers in Dubai, many Middle Eastern call centers are tapping the expertise and experience of Filipino call center professionals in establishing, operating, training personnel and marketing call centers in Dubai. Most openings are limited to higher level positions. Opportunities for agent positions are limited because more often than not agent’s position requires one to speak in Arabic. This is because most of the call centers in Dubai cater the middle eastern market. Filipinos in the Middle East who have learned the Arabic language thus stands a better chance of finding work in a call center in Dubai. There is greater opportunity for other business process outsourcing services that does not require voice communications such as software development, graphics design, web development, content development among others. In terms of compensation, salary can range between 2000 to 8000 Dirham depending on one’s experience, qualification, necessity and well, color of your skin.

Working in Dubai whether in a call center or not has its upbeats and downbeats. For one, Dubai is an open city, in which one can definitely enjoy a modern urban lifestyle from world-class shopping, luxurious accommodations to the best beaches in the world. Because of the numerous Filipino workers in Dubai, one won’t have difficulty finding friends. Finally, income is tax free. As for the downsides, one major problem would be the cost of living. It is expensive to live in Dubai. Thus, it would be better to cut back on shopping but instead find cheaper ways to enjoy yourself. Moreover, working hours would normally be longer as Friday is often the only day off you’ll get.

Some of the few call centers in Dubai that hire Filipino agents included Sky Communication (SkyCom). In most instances, call center companies with branches in Dubai directly hire Filipinos for their Dubai operations. Another viable way to find call center and BPO work in Dubai is through an accredited local agency.

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    I’ven part of a BPO industry for almost 4 years , Im really open to apply a Call center job in Dubai to explore my capabilities and widen my knowledge in providing good customer service . Please email back if there’s an open spot for me . Thank you

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    interested working in dubai bpo

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      well i am interested in dubai bpo. pls let me know if their is any interviews.


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