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Call Centers inside the Mall

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With shopping malls fast becoming small cities, many service businesses have opted to put up their business branches inside malls. Aside from the retail shops for clothing wear, sports and other retail goods that one usually sees in malls, people can now find dental clinics, barber shops, and other service oriented business inside malls. The trend for which extends also to the call center industry. Many companies are not opting to put up branches or offices inside malls like SM and Robinsons. This trend can be attributed to the emergence of malls as a self sufficient community with complete amenities. It may not be far that malls will soon have bed spaces or apartments for rent. The proximity of these amenities required by call center employees as well as the relative better security inside the malls compared to typical open communities are some reasons why call centers are place their offices inside malls.

Working in a call center inside a mall has its upsides and downsides. The good side is one gets to enjoy the amenities and conveniences of being in a mall while working. Working is practically and literally like going to the mall. Aside from the proximity of food stalls, groceries and other goods that one needs, one need not go further to meet friends or have entertainment. There are cinemas inside the mall and other entertainment centers where one can simply wait for your other friends. This saves you a lot of time. If there are midnight sales, you can be the first one to know and get there.

As for the downsides, you also get to witness the lonely side of the mall when everybody else is gone and you and a few of your co-employees plus the guards are the only one left inside the building. A big empty building is always gloomy. During night shifts when you work at night when the mall is closing down, one needs to go around the mall to get inside instead of taking the main door. Incidentally, one normally has two IDs, for the mall and for the company. Corollary to which, when everybody is just getting in to enjoy and go shopping, you are going out to go home and get some sleep. Finally, some cab drivers thought that you are messing around if you ask them to take you to the mall to work at the middle of the night.

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