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Call Centers with High Salary

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Not all call centers are equal. There are call center companies that are poor and mediocre in terms of management, training and development as well as commitment to employee development. There are also call centers that are small, unknown and handle only small time clients.

One way to measure the quality of the call center is by gauging how much they pay to their agents. Quality has its price and the quality call centers are willing to pay the price for hiring quality agents and employees. Unfortunately, the salary for call center companies is confidential and there is really no direct way people can compare the salaries offered by the different companies.

Moreover, there are other factors that can affect the amount of salary offered in a call center including call center experience, nature of service provided, type of account handled, and additional incentives, among others. The salary package for the entry level salary of an agent with extensive call center experience is higher than that of a fresh graduate.

Accounts also affect the salary. Another foreign language account for instance, like Spanish and Nihongo commands a greater salary package. Finally, the additional incentives, which depends on the generosity of the company also contributes to salary rates. Considering these factors, among the call center companies that accordingly give high salary rates included Convergys, which is known to have successfully imparted strong loyalty and ties with its employees because of its good management and liberal salary.

Stream Global Services (formerly called Etelecare) is another company that is well loved by its personnel, for providing munificent rewards for excellence and outstanding performance. People Support and Sykes Asia are two pioneering call center companies which became popular for its liberal incentives for meals and transportation. Teletech is one of earliest call centers which had rapidly grown in a short period of time.

Other known call center companies to provide reasonable salary packages included Infonxx, Link2sys, Link2Support, Accenture, Global Stride, Sterling Global, Ambergris, and IBM-Daksh. Entry level Salary rates in these call center companies accordingly ranges between P12,000 to P17,000.

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