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Call Script for Angry Customers

Calming and communicating with an angry customer is one of the biggest problems that agents regularly must contend to. Here are some tips to help handle irate customers. It would seem ironic to look for a call center script for an angry customer because an agent that would sound scripted is annoying and can even further anger a customer. What is important however is to remember the key points that need to be followed.

First of is to listen to the customer. This is critical for one to clearly understand the customer’s anger and complaint so that one can devise a way to address his issue. Let the customer talk and avoid interrupting him. What is important is that you listen carefully to your customers. Angry customers need someone to whom they can release their anger by talking to someone and that exactly what the agent should provide – an ear to listen. After the customer finally settles down after telling his side, it is important to ask questions for further clarification. Asking question is a tricky part precisely that’s why it is important to listen. Because apparently, asking a question can provoke the customer’s anger again especially if he deems you are not listening. Besides, he doesn’t want to repeat himself again. In which case, ask questions for clarification.

At this point, agent should emphasize to the client that you are there to help. One should avoid saying, I don’t know because it can trigger another round of fury. Agents should always stay calm and objective by not taking the customer’s anger personally. This will help him to think objectively and come up with a clear resolution.

Finally, it is important for the agent to document the call in order to review the incident and make the necessary adjustments that one needs to improve.

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  1. Kattia Bolanos Reply

    When your agents are trained on the correct handling of an angry customer, even the most irate customer hangs up the phone feeling like a VIP. Take the time to instruct your agents how to handle dissatisfied customers.

    • Sab berry Reply


      I’m having Customer Service Demonstration Skills which is part of my exam…and I don’t think I can do it…I thought I will be OK…but confused now.

      I will be require to make a phone call to a customer as per my won scenario.

      Then I will need to send text message to a customer about Christmas…some offer.

      And effectively handle a customer complaint using my own scenario…

      Would you give me any advices, samples..please?

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