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Call Simulation Test Tips

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Call simulation tests are a common tool used in the call center industry to evaluate the required skills of prospective employees. This test replicates the actual work of a call center agent by providing a mock call, which applicants or trainees respond to. This allows a prospective agent to experience what it’s like to work in a call center. The mock of inbound calls is usually comprised of a variety of customers with different attitudes and real-life concerns. This is the ultimate test that will make or break an applicant’s successful entry to a call center company. Hereunder are tips on how to pass a simulation test.

The most practical tip to pass a simulation test is to review. One needs to hone skills learned especially communication skills. One needs to stay calm in taking the test so one can objectively and carefully listen to the customer’s issues. Don’t be alarmed with irate customers because they are not true. Instead, one should stay composed yet keen in looking up relevant information and making effective responses. One should not forget to be always courteous and respectful towards the customer. It would also be helpful to make notes of what you want to say. In lieu of which, one should familiarize oneself of the company products or what one ought to do.

The simulation test would also require the applicant to enter information in the company’s mock system using a computer. This will demonstrate one’s typing and computer navigation skills. Listening to a person while typing data in a computer at the same time is a type of multitasking. One can practice this at home by typing what your friend is saying.

At this point of your application, the applicant need not try to imitate the accent of the clients. What is important is that one is able to follow the messages of the client, enter the correct data, and respond to the needs of the simulation correctly.

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