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CallAssistant Philippines

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CallAssistant, L.C. is a BPO firm specializing in teleservices solutions for companies around the world from the financial, political, healthcare, higher education and insurance sectors. CallAssistant was established in 2001 in Northern Utah and distinct its capabilities by integrating its exclusive patent technology called Echo that warrants that individual customers get a perfect service for every call.

CallAssistant was founded with the vision to be the best contact center in the world by creating a continuing culture of innovation within its ranks. It aims to make a positive impact to clients’ more than just simply giving service. Today, it has developed a great track record of success with the biggest companies around the world. In 2009, CallAssistant was acquired by GBGH Holdings, Inc.

Among the services provided by CallAssistant Philippines included Script Development, Lead Generation Sources, Executive Account Management Services, Data File Preparation, Telemarketing Compliance Due Diligence, Do Not Call Registry Scrubbing and Reporting, Call Compliance, Outbound Call Solution, Inbound Call Solution, Lead Qualification, and Political Fundraising.

CallAssistant Philippines has its Sales Scripting developed through 9 years of human behavioral research to maximize the greatest amount of contacts and sales per hour. It also provides Duplicate Patterns of Success involves management of communication variables that can impact interaction such as pronunciations, inflections, pitch/tenor, saying the right key words, delivering the correct scripting, etc. Perfect Presentation refers to accurate and consistent presentation delivery to individual customers that optimize phone and generate high returns. Campaign Management involves different levels of managing operations to constantly increase productivity. All calls comply with Federal and State telemarketing laws and reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission. This reduces calls lost and all translates to better call center service.

CallAssistant is headquartered in 136 South Main Street, Suite #200 Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 USA.

CallAssistant Philippines service center location:

  • CallAssistant Cebu
    14F unit A, Cebu IT Tower 1
    Cebu Business Park
    Cebu City, Philippines

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