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Callbox Philippines

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 2 Comments on Callbox Philippines

From a simple telemarketing and sales company, Callbox Philippines has expanded to provide a more diversified and systematic telemarketing and sales solutions to its partners. Callbox Customer Contact Solutions offers web design and development especially for ebusiness. Callbox Philippines supplements web development with other Web Marketing Services such as development of company brochures, Newsletter Templates, PowerPoint Templates and WordPress Blog Design.

Because the there are over half a billion websites an online business must contend against, Callbox Philippines also provides Search Engine Optimization services to allow greater visibility of its partners in the web. This service includes Keyword Analysis Research, Initial Search Engine Position, On-site Optimization and Search Engine Submissions and Verification. To improve its partners’ online presence, Callbox Customer Contact Solutions also helps in social media integration and marketing, which are channels that foster deeper relationship with customers. Social media marketing engages customer participation, facilitates lead generation, enhances online branding and serves as a tool for Market Research.

Callbox Philippines also provides Targeted Call List. This is a specialized service used exclusively for cold-calling and b2b telemarketing campaigns. To avoid information overload, Callbox Philippines provides list management services which included Database Validation and Verification, Data Cleansing and Scrubbing as well as Customer database Profiling to ensure that its partners capitalize on the power of information.

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marko says: I’m torn between transcom and callbox… can you please help me?

ermie says: me and my friend really want to be a part of callbox here in Iloilo.. I’m interested of your company..are you still hiring for more costumer service representative??because i really want to have a job badly..i quit my studies and i want to work with you..i want to know how can i be a part of callbox??Are you accepting undergraduates??

you shud have let the viewers submit their resume

I heard they have a superb QA department

Callbox has the highest salary and benefits in iloilo. in addition, team members receive transparent percentage-of-revenue performance-based incentives monthly. they mostly do outbound, so they only hire the best.

high salaries!!!!!!!!!!!

an they have the best research analysts and programmers!

my sister works there and she checks her SSS status online often. i guess you just didnt make the cut. my sister pays my tuition by the way 😛

(+)They are better than the ePLDT ventus or say better than any other call centers here in Iloilo High salary,more parties and freebies =) (-) The one agent in BPS yung dating TL initial J needs to be educated in terms of her attitude problem

yeah right – we are the best. we can prove it – we have zero labor violation.

we have the coolest iloilo lifestyle. good compensation. more perks. good company. lotsa pahtieh. only in callbox.

I really want to work in call box..I had applied 2 times already…unluckily I was not chosen to work with them. It’s ok…jz contact me at my add if ever you want to accept me..yannzz_10@yahoo.com. More power!


callbox is the place to be! compensation is great,salary is high, and we have daily, weekly,and monthly incentives, not to mention the party every weekend!

Moderate your greed, Callbox!

Do you accept working student?

kung d kamo ma baton sa callbox apply sa iban eh. i work here to. the jobs nice so as the people. dpende na na kung pano ka mag sabay sa mga tawo sa sulod sang box. waay gd kamu kad2aan kung puro lang kamu suya. every company

Am an eighteen year old girl and supposed to be in school, studying. When I quit my studies, I applied @ Callbox and I was hired! I’ve been working here for more than a year now. At times, I would think that I’d rather work here than go back to school!

are you guys still hiring?? why is that you wont let the applicants submit their application online?? you should..

Callbox is sooo full of perks..

im an agent in sutherland i want to transfer there in iloilo because i live there. now i want to transfer in callbox if your still open and if you will accept me i’ll leave sutherland. please advise how process online application.

Callbox is a very good company and much better than all the callcenters in panay. I worked there and the experience was rad. the salary is yummy and unlimited as long as u have the skills. They offer basic salary, free food and drinks, and even a discount card to some restaurants and stores here in Iloilo. The best thing is, if you want to start your own callcenter business, client acquisition is not a problem! you can stel clients from callbox. hehehe seriously.

hi, Im jenny Juan of Antique.I am looking for job like Call Center Agent..I am fresh graduate of Advance Central College located in San Jose Town proper taking nursing Assistant. I really want to work in Call box.Thanks and have a good day to everyone.

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  1. 13/08/04

    h!..diz is jackie..I really wanted to apply in callbox. So what qualifications of being a csr in that kind of industry.?..I hope I am qualified i your company..Im living here in Ililo since birth.. I badly needed a job.

    • 13/08/04

      I am a Cruise Line graduate w/ 2 yrs course..I hope you
      appreciate my message..thank you..

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