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Campaigns in Call Center

Posted on June 12, 2016 | No Comments on Campaigns in Call Center

Many people say that being a call center agent is easy. You get to sit eight hours of your shift doing nothing but answer phone calls and speak to people from somewhere you may haven’t been yet. It may sound so easy when you put it like that because people do not really have the idea what the customer and agent is talking about in every call. Do you want to know the reason why the customers might be calling? Here are some of the campaigns that you might handle once you become a call center agent.

Technology and Telecommunications. This is most probably one of the most popular campaigns in the BPO. For some companies, their tech and telco account serves as their money maker. Customers in this campaign call about their telephone, computer and internet services. Agents would deal with billing, troubleshooting of phones and computers, phone service installation and even sales. Most popular question of the customer – why is my bill so high? This is probably one of the campaigns where agents need a lot of patience.

Travel and Hospitality. This is also one of the popular accounts. Usually, the agents are handling airline accounts, as well as hotel accommodations and travel packages. Customers are calling to book, cancel or reschedule flights, book hotel reservations and inquire about travel packages. Agents in this campaign already memorized airport codes of each state in the U.S. especially if they are handling flights in an American airline.

Banking and Finance. This is probably one of the most challenging account, because agents are dealing mostly with customers who are shareholders and brokers. Most customers are calling about their stocks, how much the stocks cost, transfer of shares, and sales of shares among others. Agents are always careful because they have the power to transfer millions of dollars from one account to another with just one click, and there is no way out of it but to face possible fraud case hearing. Honestly, who would want that?

Health Care. Agents in this campaign deal with customers’ health records and insurance. Customers are calling about the health care services available for them and how they can avail of it.

These are just some examples of the many campaigns that are usually handled by BPO, and already they sound professional enough to be handled by just anyone. Now, who says that call center job is a no-brainer?

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