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Cardlinks TeleConn Insurance

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Cardlinks TeleConn Insurance Agency is a company that provides business process outsourcing services for the C-shield product that is also co-branded by the insurance company, medical institutions and other companies from various industries to its target customers together with credit cards and loans. Founded in July 2006, Cardlinks Philippines has already reached a milestone by partnering with highly regarded institutions such as Healthway Medical, Cocolife, Counrty Bankers Insurance Corp. and Banco de Oro. The company’s main goal is for its potential clients to have awareness of the services that it provides.

Cardlinks TeleConn Insurance envisions itself to be dedicated in providing help to its clients in this ever-changing world. One of the company’s core values is believing that the only constant thing in the world is change. The way we communicate is changing, thus, it believes in growth progress and all kinds of possibilities. The company aims to help all its clients – both existing and potential to make their lives and businesses progress by providing products and services that are shaped to their specific needs and is easy to use. This would mean working closer to the clients and comprehending their lifestyles and businesses, and founding a long-term relationship with them in the process. Cardlinks TeleConn Insurance is vehement about its clients and is striving to meet whatever needs they have today and advancing to meet whatever needs they have tomorrow.

Cardlinks TeleConn Insurance aims to provide strong outbound communication with the use of exceptional telemarketing and give correct information about its services. To make the most out of the potential of the traditional business, the company combines the enhanced quality of service, creativity and marketing. Furthermore, the company pursues profitable growth through migrating its clients to a new trend of products and services.

CardLinks Philippines call center office address:

  • CardLinks Manila
    3/F Wellington Building
    642 Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz
    Binondo, Manila

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