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Take Care Asia

Posted on July 3, 2016 | No Comments on Take Care Asia

TakeCare Asia is a company that transforms the manner health care services is being designed and managed. Take Care Philippines believes that by retaining people in the core of its business, it energizes the lives of these people, together with the patient, employers and providers with healthcare systems that suit them.

Health and Wellbeing
The company is composed of teams of men and women with deep understanding of how health and wellbeing improves the lives of the people – including their own. TakeCare Asia provides programs for its employees that include fitness and health classes, seminars and workshops. The company also has a foundation called the TakeCare Foundation, which encourages the employees to offer their time voluntarily in remarkable community projects and events.

Certainty and Excellence
Certainty and excellence takes in the TakeCare corporate culture, where superb ideas, respective integrity, determination and commitment are recognized and enhanced. A reimbursement program in education promotes employees to further their knowledge and skills in their respective skills.

TakeCare Asia has been dubbed as the Best Company to Work For in 2004 and 2007 by Guam Business Magazine. Every year, the company allots time, money and resources for the event called Open Dialogue, where in the company corresponds and celebrates its achievements with its employees. This is one of the unique occasions that set TakeCare apart from any company based in Guam.

As a TakeCare professional, an employee is presented with the unique opportunity to mold the company’s legacy of responsible, responsive, respective and dynamic health care.

The TakeCare management believes that caring is good, but it is better to do something about it. Be a part of a company that is committed to provide quality health care in Asia. TakeCare delivers human resource management support to Veiovis.

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