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Career Advancement in Call Centers

Posted on September 28, 2016 | No Comments on Career Advancement in Call Centers

Being a call center agent does not mean that you are going to take calls forever. Unless you love the sales incentive more that promotion, there are lots of choices that you could have in order for you to take that career to the next level. You might already be there, thinking about your options and maybe, you’re not sure yet on which path to take.

Need some help? Here are a few tips.

Trainer. If you are someone who loves imparting knowledge to a lot of people, then you might want to become a trainer. There are product trainers and voice and accent trainers. Being a product trainer requires you to be proficient with the products and services of your account – from the client SOP to the specifics, you should know every detail of it. Voice and accent trainer, on the other hand, requires you to be proficient in English – grammar, pronunciation and even sometimes, the accent (either Australian, British or American).

Quality Assurance Specialist. If you are someone who loves to take calls so much that you are too weary of the spiels and the call flow, then this is the path for you. As a quality assurance specialist, you are expected to calibrate and evaluate the recorded calls of the agents to see if they follow the call flow and using proper spiels. You should be sharp in doing this, because there are a lot of seemingly flawless calls but there are also a bunch of errors.

Team Leader. Like handling people and hone them to become better agents? Being a team leader might be your dream role if that is the case. Team leaders are responsible for supervising a team, or a cluster of agents, monitoring their progress, calling their attention for any regress and creates action plan for the team to keep hitting the metrics and even excel. Team leaders are usually behind the success of most top notch agents so if you love being behind the limelight but still recognized, then this position is for you.

Escalations Agent. You must have heard of that infamed command, “Let me speak to your supervisor!” If pacifying irate customers and handling difficult customers is your specialty, then be a escalations agent. The customers who look for supervisors to speak with are being transferred to you, and you get to resolve their issue. Requirements? Proficiency of your products and services and lots of patience.

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