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Career Paths in the Call Center Industry

If you already are a call center agent, surely you might have considered which career path to take. The call center industry is so diverse compared to other industries out there, that promotion and steeping up the career ladder is just so easy. All you have to do is think of what you really want to do in the long run, unleash the potential you have in this field and submit our application for that career as soon as the available job post is announced.

Voice and accent trainer. This is the speech trainer, and you are responsible for polishing the grammar and pronunciation of the new hires even before they undergo product training. Your skills here should be exceptional verbal English communication skills.

Escalation specialist. Your job here isn’t that far from the regular agent’s job – but you are going to talks to customers who would like to speak to a supervisor. Customers are calmer and more understanding when they know they are speaking to a supervisor, because they believe that their accounts and situations are in good hands.

Quality assurance specialist. Your main job here is to listen to the agents’ calls, either live or recorded. You would evaluate their calls mainly for quality. Are the agents following the recommended call flow? Are they giving the correct solutions to the customers’ concerns using the company’s standard operating procedure? Are the agents pleasant or rude to the customers? You are basically responsible for the customer service quality of the agents, spot their strong points and pinpoint their areas of opportunity.

Team leader. You are basically a team’s immediate supervisor. You main role is to handle a cluster of agents, keep record of their performances, attendance and all other stuff about them that is work related. You are mainly responsible for their metrics, on how to improve on certain aspect and on how to maintain the excellence and also, on creating action plans to reach the targets for the team.

Product trainer. As a product trainer, you are responsible for teaching the new hires about the specifics of the products the client or the account offers. In this job, you are required to be excellent when it comes to the product specifics, and you must also have exceptional English communication skills.

There are a lot more options to choose from when you think about the career path in the call center industry. So, if you think that there is so much potential in you and you feel like you deserve to be on one of these posts, then by all means, apply for a promotion. You don’t want to atke calls forever, do you?

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