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Careers in Call Center

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If you are working in a call center, most people are under the impression that your job mostly consists of sitting all night long in your workstation, answering phone calls, making phone calls, or maybe provide assistance through chat and email. This is not entirely false, because when you are starting your career in the call center industry, this is most probably what you would be doing at first. Although, you wouldn’t want to make and take calls your entire call center career right? This is one of the best things about BPO companies, because if you aim on stepping up the career ladder, opportunities are always flaunting themselves in front of you.

So aside from being the so-called front liners in the account you’re working for, you can step up the ladder of your career and be one of the following.

Escalation Specialist. You would also be making and taking calls – but from agents whose customers are asking for supervisors. Most of the time, customers are more at ease when they know that they are speaking to the supervisor, so the calls are not too difficult to handle.

QA Specialist. Being a quality assurance specialist or analyst, you are going to listen to the calls of the agents, whether live or recorded, and calibrate it with the company’s or account’s standard operating procedures. Basically, your job is to find out whether the agents are following the procedures and guidelines of the company in handling customers’ concerns and providing them assistance.

Team Leader. If you love handling people the right way and taking care of them, then this career is certainly for you. Being a team leader, you will be handling an entire cluster of agents, and you will be their immediate supervisor. You will be responsible in collating scorecards, file vacation and sick leaves and other usual stuff that supervisor does.

Product Trainer. In this job, you would be handling the new hire agents and train them about the products and services that the company offers. The training also includes the product specification, call handling and call flow, as well as the spiels that the agents are going to use once they go live and take calls.

Being in the call center industry does not only mean you are going to take calls while being there. Explore your options and find out which career path you are going to take. Step up the career ladder and make the most out of your skills and abilities.

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