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Workforce Solutions

June 27, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Workforce Solutions Inc. is a company that focuses on delivering organizations with professional advice and assistance in augmenting the most important resource in their business – their employees. The company has already acquired the national reputation in giving realistic, resourceful …

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Ways to Handle Irate Callers

June 27, 2022 Category :Articles 0

In any job, there’s always the good news and of course the bad news. In call center life, one of the bad news is receiving a call from an irate customer. An irate caller is not really mad at you, …

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Common Call Center Offenses

June 25, 2022 Category :Articles 0

All kinds of employment include policy contracts wherein it states the so-called terminable offenses. These offenses are applicable in any job. There are some things that for some, they might sound simple, but in the reality of the call center …

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Tips for Training Call Center Agents

June 23, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Training of agents form an integral component of any call center operation, whether it is about developing new skills, familiarizing agents with products or services, or upgrading new skills. Here are tips so that call center agents are receptive and …

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Don’t Be a Call Center Hopper

June 21, 2022 Category :Articles 0

You might have been working in a call center for, say, a couple of years now. However, you resume bears names of at least five companies in which you have worked for the past two years, and your stay in …

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ABC360 Philippines

June 17, 2022 Category :Articles 0

ABC360, a primary school in the Philippines offers a quality learning and teaching with a friendly environment offering grades 1 to 6. The school can accommodate up to 1000 students with its 50 classrooms. ABC360 Philippines was established in 2011 …

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Avoid Being a Call Center Hopper

June 16, 2022 Category :Articles 0

So you decided to submit your resume in that call center company one of your friends was so eager to tell you about. You were lured by the fact that the company offers high salary, superb benefits and compensation package …

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Tips to Improve Call Center Agent Scheduling

June 14, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Scheduling is a critical component in any call center operation to ensure that it is able to handle as many calls as needed or flexibly adjust to its service demands appropriately. Here are ways to optimize agent scheduling in a …

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Selling Strategies in Outbound Telemarketing

June 14, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Outbound telemarketing services employ different types of selling strategies used to increase the sales revenues of their clients. Hereunder are the different types of selling that outbound telemarketers usually perform.

Upselling is a sales technique whereby a seller encourages a …

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Arinso International Philippines

June 10, 2022 Category :Articles 0

When it comes to helping organization in creating a competitive company, Arinso International commits itself in providing human resources to companies. Being a global leader in this field enables them to assist companies in finding the best person to work …