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Tips to Pass Call Center Interview

June 9, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Apart from the substance or content of your responses to questions, one’s communication skills or the way a person speaks is also evaluated during a call center interview. An applicant’s communication skills is given weight in assessing if an applicant …

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Being a Call Center Agent

June 8, 2022 Category :Articles 0

When you were in school, you did your best in order to get good grades, because you believe that good grades meant a good job once you stepped out of the academe. What you do not realize while you were …

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Importance of Team Building in Call Center

June 7, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Team building is an important activity in an organization, which functions as a team to ensure cohesiveness, unity and psychological discipline. Here are reasons why team building is important in a call center.

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E-Hao Online Trading Corp.

June 3, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Established in 2012, E-Hao Online Trading Corp. is an online trading company which developed the online shopping site Goods.ph. It created this site following the growing phenomenon of online shopping in modern society.

With Goods.ph, E-Hao Online Trading Corporation provide …

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Outbound Calling in a Call Center

June 2, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Outbound calling is a challenging work. It entails agents with strong sales background, the ability to deal irate customers and handle rejections. When performing cold calling, agents should carefully prepare a plan in making the call which included a …

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Dempsey Resource Management

June 1, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Dempsey Resource Management Inc. (DEMPSEY) is an executive search and referral services firm that helps companies in sourcing for capable, proficient and qualified experts and professionals to fill up different positions in their organization. It is not a contracting agency. …

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QI Group

May 31, 2022 Category :Articles 0

QI Group of Companies is an expanded multinational entity providing services to various industries which include education, direct selling, hospitality, retail and financial services. The company currently has 1500 people as its employees across 30 countries. Its key regional offices …

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K Search Asia

May 29, 2022 Category :Articles 0

K Search Asia is a highly competitive executive firm and is ranked amongst other top ranked companies. With integrity and professionalism, K Search Asia is focused on providing its’ client with exceptional and reliable employee to resolve an issue in …

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Getting Hired In a Call Center

May 28, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Are you a college undergrad looking for a part-time job? Or maybe you already a graduate, but fresh from the academe and having a hard time getting that job which is in line of your education? No matter what you’ve …

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Call Center Terminable Offenses

May 27, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Terminable offenses are always applicable in any job. However, there are some offenses in other jobs that are considered forgivable, but are a definite no-no when done in the call center industry. Yes, although call center job may seem easy …

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