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Cebuana Lhuiller Customer Service

Filipinos have a unique culture that shows how they value their families. Despite of the location and other geographical challenges, they find ways on how to deal with these things. They ensure that whatever they have, they share it to their family. Thus, Cebuana Lhuiller has come to existence. This company’s goals is to provide the appropriate service that Filipino families need. Moreover, they are contributing to the welfare of the Filipinos as well. Their competitiveness has made them one of the best and effective financial organization in the Philippines. Moreover, they ensure that they offer quality customer services which make them surely on top. Aside from that, they ensure and commit to providing the services that allow their business to grow and for its clientele to achieve the best services as well.

Cebuana Lhuiller has been very dynamic, and multi-industry that proves and operates various services. One of these services is pawning. Filipinos are very much welcoming with this service. With the resources that they have, they are able to receive value for their money. Aside from that, whenever they are in need, they just have to have their jewelries pawned, and they can guarantee themselves with the money that they need. Aside from these, they also offer remittances. Wherever the person is, he or she can remit money through Cebuana Lhuiller outlets all over the country. They ensure that these finance reaches the families who are waiting for them. Lastly, they also have microinsurance service as well. This perfectly applies for the group of people who wish to have their insurance and to be secured in a long run. Aside from these services, they also commit themselves in giving business to business micro loan solutions. For those who wish to have a business, they can easily have this whenever they want. They just need to submit documents that verify their capacity to loan.

Cebuana Lhuillier Customer Service
Cebuana Lhuiller has provided a satisfying customer services to its clients. Their clients can easily communicate with them through various media. One of these is thru their Facebook account. One can easily send a message via Messenger feature of Facebook. They can even inquire at their e-mail address, cebuanacares@pjlhuiller.com. This certainly assures that they receive prompt response. For text message, they can send message to GLOBE 0917-8122737 and SMART 0918-8122737. Their customer service is willing to provide answers to your queries.

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