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Certica Global

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Certica Global is a company founded in Australia that has been operating in the Philippines for over a couple of years now. It is a recruitment agency that aims to provide outsourced manpower to various businesses coming from different industries in Australia. Some Australian companies are believed to be financially and logistically challenged in acquiring manpower outside of Australia. Thus, it has become a goal for Certica Global to provide these companies with a bigger pool of skilled professionals outside Australia.

Products and Services
Certica Global provides manpower for certain job posting depending on the client requirements. The company offers manpower services to the following fields:
– Accounting
– Telemarketing
– Marketing
– Graphic design
– Web development

Why Work At Certica Global
Certica Global offers the best work location in the metro – the employees are provided with state-of-the-art work facilities and systems. Apart from this, modern and sophisticated office design are also provided to the that makes the work environment conducive, productive, comfortable and enjoyable. Employees are also given opportunities to grow professionally by providing them with a progress when it comes to their career plan. Moreover, as the employees are given the chance to work with excellent colleagues, the company is also continuous in its expansion, thus, various opportunities for growth are offered to the employees.

Furthermore, the employees are also offered with great salary package, above average compensation as well as meal subsidy.

Career Opportunities
As a company that aims to grow continually, Certica Global is in constant search of talented individuals that can be part of its growing team. Different jobs in different industries are being offered, so you have a vast selection depending on your skills and capabilities:
• Contact centers – this field is the home of top performing telemarketers.
• Online marketing – this is where creative and innovative minds collaborate.
• Consultation – this is where your skills in the massive scope of business can be applied.
• Web development – if you are more on providing services related to information technology, then you are in the right place.

Certica Global call center recruitment office address:

  • Certica Ortigas
    31/F One San Miguel Bldg.
    San Miguel Avenue
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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