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Cloud English Training and Teaching (CETT) is a company that offers telephone English tutoring service. It was founded in 2011, and is an exclusive partner of Uphone Korea Uphone Korea is recognized as Korea’s top and most successful telephone English tutoring services with its biggest market share and highest development rate in the industry. Over the past four years, CETT has developed and increased to over 300%, and it constantly expands rapidly.

CETT guarantees security, permanence, transparency and opportunities for its employees who are teachers. As the company expands at a faster pace, it is also in the constant lookout for talented individuals who are patient and hardworking, and up to the challenges of being a teacher. Currently, CETT is open for those who want to be a part-time online teacher.

Working at CETT means impressive compensation and benefits package. Employees are guaranteed to earn as much as Php30,000 a month. Maxicare health cards are also provided to employees based on the tenure which is extended to eligible family members. Full time and part time positions are available, based on the employees’ time flexibility and availability.

CETT believes that teaching is not just a job, but also a privilege. The company’s team is made up of teachers and instructors who pride themselves in imparting knowledge to students and work together everyday with desire and shared objectives. Furthermore, the company also has a pure set of fundamental values that determines the organization at all levels everyday.

CETT strongly believes that these fundamental values will bring out winning teams thus, winning teams build success.

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