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CEVA Logistics is recognized as one of the world’s top notch company of non-asset based supply chain management. The company develops and executes business-leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics. CEVA Logistics currently employs more than 40,000 dedicated personnel, and these people are assigned across 17 regional clusters across the globe. These exceptionally skilled professionals are bound to provide operational excellence, as well as produce sustainable answers to the toughest questions regarding supply chain.

Products and Services

Contract Logistics
CEVA Logistics already has a reputation in delivering tangible solutions that address the specific requirements of its clients. It does the job by combining talent and expertise of its operations managers as well as its supply chain designers to develop, execute and organize logistic solutions, allowing CEVA Logistics to deliver value to its clients.

Air Freight
CEVA Logistics is one of the largest providers of air freight transportation across the globe, providing a complete package of premium, value-added services and other products that are all created to meet the specific needs of a client. With the company’s vast network across the globe, the client can definitely choose the service that best suits his or her needs.

Ocean Freight
CEVA Logistics has a broad and long-term relations with shipping lines and therefore can offer its clients a direct approach to a global carrier portfolio, including major ports with the best shipment time, entirely adaptable scheduling and space protection agreements to address the client’s requirement of individual shipping.

The company’s proficiency in transport management and planning provides it the capability to develop a solution that meets the clients’ requirements and also respond to any event interferences in a real time manner.

Why Work at CEVA Logistics
CEVA Logistics raises a culture of excellence, but it believes that the company is nothing without its magnificent employees. The employees at CEVA Logistics are passionate, dedicated and perfectly understand the excellence in supply chain. To return the favor, the company sees to it that its employees are being recognized because of their efforts, and encourage them to be supply chains master and inspire a collaborative environment.

The employees at CEVA Logistics CEVA Logistics brings passion in their everyday tasks, making sure to deliver the best they could to makes the clients satisfied and make the company’s supply chains run efficiently and seamlessly. Needless to say, the employees are enthusiastic as to what they can all achieve as a team.

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