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Challenges of Call Center Agents

Posted on September 22, 2017 | No Comments on Challenges of Call Center Agents

Being a call center agent entails numerous challenges on the chosen career. Yet, most people think it’s so easy to be an agent, if you have good communication skills. Here’s the list of challenges of call center agents:

1. Call center interview. All agents will go through initial interview, online exam, grammar test, typing test, behavorial exam, etc. After the examinations, they will go through mock calls, role play, HR interview, plus versant and berlitz tests. Once you completed these tasks in one day, you will receive a Job offer 🙂

2. Call center training. All agents will undergo training which includes assessment per lesson, role play, accent training and lots of mock calls. Please note that not everyone will pass the training. In case you pass the training, next task is Nesting area wherein agent will take live calls and be measured according to call center metrics such as AHT (Average Handling Time/Call Time), QA, Upsell, Survey, Transfer Rate, etc.

3. Call Center production/floor area. Upon completion of the training, agents will be assigned on production area to handle specific campaigns. The agent will again be measured with call center metrics with higher rating compared to nesting. Agents also need to maintain a monthly production quota to be retained to his/her work.

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