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Challenges to Endure as a Call Center Agent

There are lots of comments that you might be hearing from those who does not work in a call center, or does not have experience working in one at all. There are some who appreciate the challenges that you have to overcome as a call center agent. However, there are also those who believe that call center job is just for the happy-go-lucky ones. Whatever their perception is, there really are not-so-nice things that challenge you as a call center agent to go to work everyday. Here are some of them.

The traffic. Okay, maybe all kinds of employees have to endure this. This shouldn’t be much of a challenge, because all you need to have is constant self-discipline and adjustments to be able to arrive on work on time. Being a part of an industry where every minute counts, your performance card will be affected, and eventually, if tardiness becomes a habit, then it could cost you your job.

The weather. If the weather is nice, then everything should go normal. However, in these days when weather proves to be unpredictable, rain or shine, you still have to go to work. Lucky are those who have regular and normal jobs, for they have work suspension if it rains too hard. Call center agents need to ride a boat if they must and endure the monstrous traffic brought about by the constantly flooded Metro Manila, for work suspension is not just applicable for them.

The holidays at work. Filipino families have close ties, especially during holidays. They would want to be together as much as possible. Working in a call center would require you being at work during holidays, which means that you have to be away from your family during festivities. Unless you applied for a vacation leave that might not be approved because holidays are actually considered as critical work days and time offs are technically not allowed.

Irate customers. No call center agent could avoid this unless they drop the call which is a terminable offense. Irate customers simply consume all your time and energy in one call, and this is sometimes where stress comes in.

These are just some of the many challenges that you need to endure as a call center agent if you want to keep the job. Most of the agents are already accustomed to these, though, and have considered these challenges as their reasons to stay.

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