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Channel Growth

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Channel Growth is a company established to specialize in producing new business for its clients. It is originally based in Texas, U.S., but it also has its office in Cebu City, Philippines. The company delivers its services by means of business-to-business prospecting as well as sales consulting along with on-demand marketing, panning and sales teams. Furthermore, Channel Growth Philippines also aims to be adequate into each team that involves it to improve and maximize the clients’ sales operations.


On-Demand Prospecting (Sales Team). Channel Growth employs, trains and manages an on-demand searching team to collaborate with the client’s startup as their sales team or to assist the clients’ already existing in-house team.

Sales Consulting. The company will analyze the clients’ current prospecting and sales processes and collaborate with them to have it improved. This way, the clients’ sales machine will be running well.

Market Research. Channel Growth works to assist its clients to make their products more appropriate – before, during and after the product or service enhancement. The company also conducts product surveys for the clients’ target market and discover the weak points of the products and make some enhancements.

While the company aims to cater businesses coming from different industries, it currently provides services to organizations coming from the following verticals:
– E-commerce / Retail
– Restaurant technology
– Local services technology
– Consultants

Why Work at Channel Growth
Channel Work Cebu is managed by people who has complete faith with its associates. Its principles include that the employees are the key element towards the company’s success. Therefore, it makes sure that each employee is being well cared for and all the needs and requirements are being met. Aside from the competitive salary offer, and impressive compensation and benefits packages, the employees are also provided with various opportunities that will help them succeed in achieving personal development and professional growth. At Channel Work, the employees has the chance to explore their talents and have them enhanced through various skills training provided by the company. Furthermore, the company promotes work-life balance, so the employees are not only given the means to earn, they can also have quality time with family and friends.

Channel Growth Philippines call center office address:

  • Channel Growth Cebu
    Capitol Site Area
    Cebu City, Philippines

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