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What is a Chat Support Agent?

A chat support agent is a customer service representative that provides contact support services, sales and other customer relations services primarily through online chatting or non voice channels. Chatting is performed primarily using a computer in a designated chatroom in a company website. Visitors and clients who have questions visit the website and log on to chatroom where they can ask questions or make their inquiries. The chat support agent is the person acting in behalf of the company answering and responding the questions of the customers. As a chat support agent, the agent is expected to respond to customers an efficient and effective manner. In some cases, the chat support agent can opt to chat via email.

Because online chatting entails typing over the computer, one of the important skills a chat support agent must learn is typing and using the internet. A chat support agent need not be a college graduate. However, one must undergo training on customer services/sales or whatever is the nature of one’s service in order to equip the person with the critical knowledge to resolves customer questions, complaints and requests on the first contact whenever possible, which may involve interpretation of company policies, knowledge of the organization, products and related services.

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