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Chat Support Tips

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Chat support is a form of customer service channeled online via chat or written real time communication. It is an important tool for facilitating customer support and sales strategy which has certain distinct advantages over a verbal communication. In order to effectively capitalize and reap the benefits of chat support, here are some tips in order to improve online chatting.

Agent should have great written grammatical skills. This is important, because your customer will judge you the way you construct your sentences and your thoughts delivered. While simple grammatical errors like “d” or “eds” for past tense are often disregarded, it is nevertheless important if sentences are free from any grammatical mistakes or oversights.

Agent should be familiar with product. Agents should very well know everything by being able to answer different queries from a customer with confidence without need of referring them to different levels of support. This is because; it is even more boring to type what you say than simply verbalizing it. Agents should therefore be ready or prepared to answer immediately inquiries and questions of customers.
Reach the customer. While a business reply, chat should be personalized which can be achieved by addressing customer using their real name and referring to their specific query. This involves knowing your customer by conducting a brief review of customer background, maintain amiable or friendliness as reflected in the tone and tenor of written responses e.g. “please”, “thank you”, “no capslock”, etc and avoiding internet abbreviations (e.g. GTG, OIC, emoticons), and others.

Respond ASAP. One can achieve this by using quick messages since most questions are the same. Ensure however that the response directly addresses the inquiry of the customer. In being direct, one should break up response in several blocks instead of writing a lengthy essay, which is difficult and tedious to read. Incidentally, avoid single word responses because this is reflective of a cold or bored agent. Short Yes or no responses should immediately be supported with an explanation.

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