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Checkwell Decision

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Checkwell Decision is a business process outsourcing firm based in Canada and founded in 1997 that is a global leader in providing Human Resources Interviewing Services. It is compose of four types of service brands, which provide unique checks to cater the various needs of individuals and companies for background checks and verification. Checkwell Philippines mixes its team of world class experts and modern technology solutions to collect, accumulate and convey critical information that help customers in making well informed decisions.

The four service brands of Checkwell Decision are Backcheck, Moralecheck, Concerncheck and Exitcheck. Back Check specializes in pre-employment background checks, including Criminal Record Checks, Reference Interviews, Credit Inquiries and Education Verifications. Moralecheck conducts morale interviews for the analyzing attrition and maximizing retention. Concerncheck serves as independent hotline for whistleblowers for secretly reporting concerns such as theft, fraud, abuse, sexual harassment, discrimination, violence, and workplace safety issues. Finally, ExitCheck provides exit interviews of employees.

In the Philippines, BackCheck Checkwell Decision particularly provides human resource services. It is currently also known as Sterling Infosystems, Inc., which acquired BackCheck in 2012. Sterling was founded in 1975 and also provides screening services across the world including, the US, Canada, India and the Philippines. Its main goal is to secure companies from hiring fraudulent, dishonest, or otherwise unqualified candidates and help organizations to know the people that they will employ in their organization. Among the services offered by Back Check (Checkwell Decision) or Sterling Infosystems in the Philippines included a Complete BackCheck, Employment Verifications, Reference Checks, Credit Inquiries, Education Verification, Identity Cross-Checks, Credential Verifications, Driver Abstracts and Public Safety Verification.

Sterling infosystems is headquartered in 131 Bay Street, 27th Floor, PO Box 508 Toronto, Canada.

BackCheck Checkwell Decision or Sterling Infosystems call center office address:

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