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Choose the Right Call Center Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing contact services offshore has proved to be more cost effective than running your own call center. Apart from focusing exclusively on price, service, reliability and factors should be taken in consideration because there are a variety of providers out there, Following are some tips in selecting the right outsourcing partner.

Location. Location is everything because it will affect service quality, cost, and effectiveness. The Philippines is currently the no. 1 choice of destination for call center outsourcing.

Communication skills. Since call center services are primarily communication services, quality lies on the communication skills of the agents. Evaluation of communication skills would obviously depend on the market of the company. More than just the ability of imitating accents or having great English speaking skills for instance, outsourcing provider should also be acculturated to the market they serve because cultural factors affect communication. There is gain or loss of meaning in cross cultural communication.

Specialization. The type of call center that a company should choose should depend on their need. If you need telemarketers, then chose call centers that specialized in sales and telemarketing. If you need it for tech support, then choose that which specialize in providing technical support. Chose a call center that specializes in businesses similar to your company.
Security. Security forms part of quality service. This included physically and technologically security so as to ensure you’re your proprietary data is never compromised.

KPIs. The company should have key performance indicator (KPIs) in place which they use for clients to evaluate successful operation. This included Average Handle Time, Speed to Answer, First Contact Resolution, Abandoned calls, Calls answered, Calls offered, Average wait time, Grade of service, conversion, Average call length as well as Agent Attrition and Productivity, among others.

Portfolio of Clients. One of the best ways of to evaluate a company’s strength and reputation is by looking at their clients. Obviously, the bigger and the more popular their clients, the more reliable and better is the company. Another way to do this is to check Contact Center Awards from independent and authoritative awarding bodies or institutions.

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