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ChungDahm Philippines

Chung Dahm Philippines started in 2008 to provide premium quality of English online education delivered only a select group of instructors and mentors. ChungDahm Philippines recognized the effectiveness and efficiency of Filipino teachers in teaching English because they are third biggest English speaking population in the world whose culture is more akin to the west than the east.

While English is the principal medium of educational instruction in the Philippines and is part of its normal conversation, Filipinos are non native English speakers and thus, are able to relate more effectively and teach English more successfully to other non-English speaking nationalities including Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. As non native English speakers themselves, they know better how to approach the imparting of a English as second language. Moreover, Filipinos have a neutral English accent unlike Americans and British, which is easier to understand. This also accounts for their ability to change accents through proper training and practice in order to effectively serve different international markets. Proof of which is the proliferation of call center companies in the Philippines, which at the moment is the biggest contact service outsourcing country in the world.

Chung Dahm Learning is headquartered in Seoul Korea and was founded on 1998. It operates as an ESL learning center, Chinese Language learning center, Global Learning center and Instructor Recruiting & Training center. ChungDahm in the Philippines is its service center that provides online ESL training. ChungDahm Philippines distinct itself from other Online English learning contact centers as it provides a various web-based educational programs as well as mobile based programs for the convenience of its clients and students. Chungdahm Philippines center also provides both intensive programs and casual programs depending on students needs. It utilizes a proven model and best practices that can ensure functional literacy in both verbal and written communication in English.

To attract the best tutors and teachers, Chung Dahm Philippines provides one of the highest remuneration packages for employees including performance based bonuses, attendance incentives as well as a continuing program for career advancement.

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