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Cipher Solutions

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Cipher Solutions offers Implementation Services that includes the implementations of PKI solutions, application security policies, security appliances and technologies. The security training, seminars and whitepapers and most aspects of data security, the whitepapers main function is to provide for vendors or enterprise clients.

Cipher Solutions call center is a limited specialist Test Consulting and recruitment company that is based in Wellington with almost 20 years experience directly in the testing industry. Cipher Solutions is owned and operated by the testing and professionals and prides itself on a network of high quality test resources that are presently working on a team.

The main purpose of Cipher Solutions has the skills and facility that is beyond the standards in test resourcing, and as testing professionals they knew that that they have the benefits over other recruitments in other places. Cipher Solutions has the knowledge in to better fully understand the business curriculum through the experience in the Testing market, allowing supplying to the customers the right people first time. In Cipher Solutions, the people behind hold on together in order for them to deliver the best way the company has to offer. Cipher Solutions value the integrity, respect to their clients, honestly to all, the professionalism is a good way in achieving a better career opportunities in creating and building a strong foundation with their clients and employees.

The call center of Cipher Solutions has a measure of at least 900 square meters dialing area, 1800 sq. meters that includes the other facilities. Cipher Solutions is fully operational, fully equipped with different facilities, and it is ready to run without any hindrance.

Cipher Solutions also has a website for further inquiries about the company profile, products and services they offered and the latest job vacancies in their companies. The services they offered include providing IA and data protection services to the different government offices in the country and other leading financial institutions, and IT, storage and security vendors.

Cipher Solutions Security Services include security strategy, design, competitive analysis, assessments, vulnerability analysis and deployment plans for fortune 500 companies the number technology vendors and service providers. Cipher Solutions is the first professional services company to begin in proposing professional services in storage security way back in 2001.

Cipher Solutions is located in:

For career opportunities, visit Cipher Philippines Job Openings


yung malapit sa ceramic plaza edsa (fronting WILCON) kala ko nga freight forwarding company eh…..hehehehehe at yung nag iinterview na lalake, mukhang wlang ethics…..di man lang marunong magpakilala……

Bait ng mga TL d2! the best!!

sosyal to.. The so-called OIC asmi doesnt speak english well. Has only 3 IT (or should I say Computer technicians), 3 HR personel. And you’l get a free flying pentel, chair, moomoo on the floor.

I pity those people who make such comments about the center who feed them for a certain span of time. Cipher Solutions is my 3rd Call Center and until now I’m still here. If this was a “trash” I will not stay that long here!

For those pipol hu said bad things about cipher, kawawa naman kau! Xe you have the guts na sirian yun company who feed you before! Shame on you! –Jeydz—

hay naku.. mga tl lng ata ang matino d2, esp yung mga umalis n n tl, dahil hindi masikmura ang sistema, si stl n lng ata ang natitira n matinong mngmt d2 e, and this company is very kuripot, worth it lng tlg n bayaran k d2, in fact kulang p nga, sa dinam

I would like to try Cipher. If it is true that they are garbage then I’ll promise you guys, they’ll gona find their name in a beautiful website. However, if they are good, then I will personally promote them! Lets see!

I would like to try Cipher too. I’ll gonna prove the world that they are not. See you Cipher!

Hi there! anyone can give me idea about the salary bracket of Trainers and TL’s in this company? Tnx.

hi! tanong lng po..my inbound po ba s cipher?

GUyz? tanong ko lang parang namimili sila ng mga taong mukhang mayaman? ajejeje.. .. . d pa ako nakapasok sa cipher pero my little sister said ung nagiinterview daw ng babae mabilis nga mag english kaso maraming grammar daw na mali? tapos sabi ng

..ei guys i’ve been in this company for 9mos, & dis is also my 1st job & call center experience. i’m soO thankful in this company 4 giving me the opportunity to enhance my skills & capabilities as a telesales rep. now i’m working at 1 of the well known call center

super welcome cla.. wlang mtaas.. wlang mbaba.. lhat fair.. that’s cipher! keep up the good work guys! ^^,


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