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Circuitronix is a company that focuses in the manufacture and distribution of printed circuit boards for different typed of application which includes industrial, automotive, security systems, lighting, and other areas of functional application. The company is using the first class factories in Guangdong Province in South China, which specializes in the production units and it also builds single sided, double sided and even multilayer printed circuit boards that reach up to 22 layers. Apart from the rigid boards, Circuitronix also formulates flexible printed circuit boards, rigid flex boards and metal clad circuit boards. All of these circuit boards are built to meet the universal standard worldwide such as ISO and TS.

Circuitronix provides services to 99% of PCB technologies that are commercially accessible. The company has over 3000 technicians and associates with distinctive expertise that has been acquired through years of experience. These experts are scattered all over the world, in their base offices in North America, particularly in USA, Canada and Mexico, and in Asian countries like Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand and the Philippines.

The company is committed to listen to its customer in order to be able to equally develop plans and strategies which aim to achieve the innovative, advanced and market leading products. Circuitronix is also dedicated to innovative technology, high class quality, exceptional service and aggressive pricing. This dedication ensures that the company will have long term partnership which goes beyond the goals of its clients.

Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America adopted the final rules to execute reporting and disclosure requirements regarding the “Conflict of Minerals” as directed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Circuitronix is one of the companies which are traded publicly in the United States and it is required to release the information whether the products the company formulates or contract to formulate contain Conflict Minerals which is necessary to the utilization or manufacture of those products. The conflict minerals include tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. The final rules are obliging the company to perform due diligence order to determine if the products contain the said minerals, however, the rules failed to define on how to perform due diligence. The proposed standard for due diligence is the framework which was established by the OECD, or Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which was also recommended by variety of industry groups.

Circuitronix Philippines office locations:

  • Circuitronix Laguna
    Unit Administration Building Industrial Park 2
    Business Center, km 54 National Highway
    Calamba City, Laguna
  • Circuitronix Cebu
    Cebu Light Industrial Park
    Basak, Lapu Lapu City
    Cebu, Philippines

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