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Citigroup BPS Philippines

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The Citigroup Business Process Solutions Pte. Ltd was launched on 2004 as a avant-garde business process outsourcing company primarily intended to accommodate the needs Citigroup companies around the world. It is a 100% auxiliary arm of the Citibank Overseas Investment Corporation (COIC). Citigroup BPS was originally incorporated in Singapore, and the unit located in the Philippines is a local office of that Singapore-based project. The conception of the company constitutes part of Citigroup’s general business stratagem to produce international “Centers of Excellence” that offer advanced quality and unswerving customer experience.

As the principal outsourcing services provider for the Citigroup Global Consumer Group (GCG), the Citigroup BPS Philippines‘ main outsourcing services comprise of services that relate top the financial service sector namely, wealth management, banking services, credit card management, mortgage, trust and insurance services. Citibank Australia and Guam are the pioneer clients of Citigroup BPS Philippines, for which it became a profit Center a year later.

As a Center of Excellence, Citigroup BPS Philippines also provide key insights and analytics that further help improve operational performance and enhance customer experience. As the leader in the industry, the company’s Quality Evaluation scorecard served as the standard in the Asia Pacific Region. Because of the stalwart capacity of Call Center operations management, workforce management for 14 countries in Asia Pacific was migrated to the Citigroup BPS, which currently serves as Asia Pacific’s Citiphone Command Center, is the axis for resource planning and reporting for Asia Pacific Citiphone. Meanwhile, Citigroup BPS Philippines has also extended its operations to serve US customers.

Citigroup BPS call center is located in:

  • Citigroup BPS Makati

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here is the package for Citigroup.. basic P16,000 , P1,000 trans, 20% night deff. contract for 1 year bond P100,000(im not kidding),for customer service officer ( pb com- makati branch)

may signing bonus ba 4 provincial applicants???

ang galing talaga dito sa citi.sobrang alaga kami dito!the best!

Old dogs you might learn new tricks from the UMs, if you can only learn to trust others.

Dont be fooled by the name, nilalampaso sila ng Convergys Ortigas-Citi account dahil sa CSAT. They even resorted to misrepresenting their CSAT scores sa head office.

nung time na nag-aapply ako, they told me that they ONLY hire college GRADUATES. pag tuntong ko sa floor, may undergrad. eto pa. i made it clear that i’m not supposed/required to sell in anyway, but guess

kakapull-out lang ng mortgage account nile, kasunod na us citicards. ceo ng citibank chuck prince, nag-resign na! in other words, pabagsak na citibank! just come to think of it. they’ve been operational here in manila for more than a year and 200 lang emp

ok dito nag enjoy ako sa work at sa sweldo!

I love Citi. I just don’t understand why madaming galit sa Cards and the management team. They’re doing their job and I can see that they’re working so hard to help the agents. There are reasons behind everything na ginagawa nila and pag di natin alam ang

Citi is not worth for people who have worked on other call centers bec of the management attitude towards their employees. I am a newby and I can hear the hardships of my co employees but they have been hesitant to voice it out, pls don’t push to QUOTA’s

walang ibang ginawa ang management kundi mag implement ng mga planong walang katuturan at paglaruan ang mga kawawang agents na kagaya ko.

kumusta naman ang sahod dito? may signing bonus ba? may bumagsak ba sa training?

kahabla-habla tong us cards na ‘to.kung alam lang sana ng iba na ang DOLE nirerequire ang bawat employers ng 2-week notice for schedule change as oppose to 24-hours, na laging nangyayari tuwing shift change, mayaman na sana sila

Ngayon, dahil nnmn sa CSAT, andaming naka pull out at malamang sa malamang, matransfer or materminate….tsk,tsk,tsk. Same old, same old. The SMT and OMs never learn.

They’re back to their same fire-fighting stint. Pag mataas ang AHT, pull-out. Pag may dissat, pull out ulet para di masurvey. Hay.Gawain ba yan ng matitinong leaders?

not all programs in citigroup are like the US programs. meron din okay like the AU ones.

Good day! I am a fresh B. S. Mathematics graduate. I know how the company is protecting its dignity from the issues, still, there will be time that a true light will shine upon it. I am very willing to be a part of the company’s life cycle. Contact me:

ayos dito. day shift. i miss working here kaso di ko lang nakayanan ang stress kasi ang haba ng babasahin. so far the best call center ive worked with.

sa mga nagbabalak na nag apply d2.. naku wag na… lalo na pag na punta kyo sa AU-CARDS.. ssyangin nyo ln pagod nyo.. at afte ialng wiks lng mtterminate din kayo… madami ng ngresign ultimo TLs at Tenured agents dhil sa mga pagbabgo na hindi nman nkaka motivate.. kndi nakakatamad na lng pumasok ang maganda lang d2 SCHEDULE dhil AM SHIFT.. pero THINK TWICE mga friends.. –based on an experience TENURED OFFICER!

The attrition rate in citi must really be high for them to promote unqualified agents (to trainer positions). It’s very annoying kung mas magaling ka pa mag-English sa trainer mo (nakakabobo din). Kahit PS trainer ka, dapat fluent ka pa din sa English. To the training management, pakiusap po mag-conduct kayo ng Communication skills training para mga training officers nyo.

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