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CleverAds PH traces its humble beginnings from 2008 in Southeast Asia. As a digital marketing company in Vietnam, CleverAds brokered a partnership with Google as it preeminent provider of digital marketing solutions. In that span of time, CleverAds also became an official Facebook Reseller for Vietnam which bolstered the company’s credibility and solidified its profitability. Since then, CleverAds has branched out and found a home in the Philippines which marked the birth of CleverAds PH. And the rest, as they say, was history.

CleverAds and its subsidiaries have jumpstarted over 5,000 digital campaigns for over 2,000 clients all over the world. With such an impressive track record that’s fortified by excellence in service and quality, it’s no surprise that the company was recognized by an award-giving body. Just recently, the company was adjudged the winner of Google’s PSP award for Display and YouTube champion (Southeast Asia).

When it comes to providing quality digital marketing campaigns, CleverAds PH has proven time and again that it can keep up with the trends that usually come and go. Given the pervasive use of Social Media, CleverAds PH tailor-made its services and products to accord to the medium that’s being used by target audiences. CleverAds PH has perfected the art of producing digital marketing campaigns for such mediums as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate the right amount of interest for your companies.

CleverAds PH also has its sights set on bringing your brand to platforms such as Waze, Gmail, YouTube and Google Search to dominate the market even faster. As your companies acquire more interest through different mediums, it’s much easier to sell your brand and your products to the demographic you are trying to cover.

The company’s expertise in providing innovative and compelling digital marketing strategies for its clients. With the Internet age being in full-bloom, CleverAds is trying to exploit the current trend in the industry through its cutting-edge digital campaigns. With CleverAds behind the steering wheel, its clients are sure to experience an influx of interest from the demographic they are trying to corner through its competitive digital marketing strategy.

CleverAds Philippines office address:

  • CleverAds Makati
    17/F Cityland 10 Tower 1
    156 H.V Dela Costa St.
    Salcedo Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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