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Clipping Path Outsourcing

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A clipping path is a graphics editing technique also known as “deep etching” that is used to shape or cut out a 2D image. It is a closed vector path in which an image or photo is outlined often to remove the background of the image. After removing the background behind the object, the object can now be placed in a new background or setting. The object can also be added as a new element in another image.

For instance, one applies a clipping path technique to remove the background of your solo picture. Your solo picture can then be place in some other place or beside a celebrity or in some other background. This technique therefore is very useful in preparing catalogs, posters, and brochures. While many graphics software provides this feature, Adobe Photoshop’s pen tool is the most common tool used for masking the images.

The Clipping path technique is so important that many outsourcing companies provide clipping path professional services for removing or extracting objects from photo or picture. In the Philippines, practically all graphics companies are capable of providing clipping path services. Companies that offer graphic design related services such as web development companies and multimedia development companies are well capable of providing clipping path services.

Included in this list of companies are Interactive Business Solutions, GMCI Online Experts, ProInfinity IT Solutions Inc. Top Technologies IT Solutions, Optimind Technology Solutions, and I-Soft Web Solution among others. However there are also specialized outsourcing companies that provide graphics outsourcing services which included clipping path services as part of its photo editing and manipulation services. Among these companies included Lazy Mask, Kirk Outsourcing, Sonic Web studio and Micro Sourcing.

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