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Cloud 121 Asia

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Cloud 121 is all about the CHURCH – the universal Body of Christ. Cloud 121 is not an organization or company, but it is a miraculous movement. The main purpose of the CHURCH is to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Cloud 121 consists of people who are believed to be saved by the Grace through their unwavering faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, their business takes its foundation on the principles of the Kingdom of heaven, instead of the economic principles of this world. These people are called to be full-time in business and at the same time being called as full-time followers of Jesus Christ. They are impassioned about unity in Jesus Christ’s CHURCH.


Partnership for Unity and Synergy. To join hands with those partners who are like-minded in the Body of Christ is the primary purpose of CLOUD121. It acknowledges the cloud of witnesses ahead of them who are also running a race, and these people continue to pray that more will follow. They look up to those who are ahead of them as leaders, who are passionate about unity in the CHURCH and believe that these leaders are blessed to be followed in this outstanding calling.

Online Resource Center. The team of Cloud 121 has been working hard to build cloud121.net. This is an online resource center that also serves as a portal where resources can be discovered. These resources are evaluated, compared, enhanced, shared and are eventually disseminated within the CHURCH globally. In this online tool, it will be possible for the CHURCH to be able to connect easily with the ministry partners in the marketplace. Cloud 121 members aim to work with and support each other so that all of them can become better stewards of the immeasurable resources that the CHURCH is blessed with.

Global Shared Service Center. Cloud 121 members believe that God wants a physical facility to be founded in the Philippines, specifically in Manila. From there, the global CHURCH can be served to maximize economies of scale. Not only that, but also to empower ever local church and improve efficiency. All of these are done as the members work with their Master in establishing His Kingdom here on earth. In order for the CHURCH to flourish in unity and make it benefit from diversity, the members believe that they have to join hands on a global scale.

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