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Cloud Sherpas is a technology service company and a global cloud advisory. The company consists of over 1,000 people as it provides services to Fortune 500 clients and numerous other businesses all over the world. The company’s experts produce incomparable cloud strategy, execution and incorporation. These have successfully worked with clients across all industries.

The company has transformed from a regional boutique into a global partner since its founding, serving some of the largest businesses across different industries around the world. It is a proud partner of Global Strategic Cloud Alliance Partner, Google Enterprise Partner of the Year for Google Apps for four times. It is also proud to be the first ServiceNow Preferred Partner, making it one of the leading cloud services brokerages world-wide. In over 5,000 of successful cloud implementations in its track record, Cloud Sherpas has already helped its clients in becoming more connected and collaborative, their customer relationship acquired better management and rationalized their IT services.

Cloud Sherpas offers programs to its clients that will enhance their business’ performance and profitability. Two of these are the enhancements of clients’ sales efforts through Sales Force Automation Tools and Customer Service Effectiveness. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, but it has also operations in various countries in Europe, Australia and Asia, including the Philippines.

Sales Force Automation
Cloud Sherpas encourages its clients to empower their sales staff with CRM tools that sustain and optimize processes to boost effectiveness. Their clients will need to provide their salespeople with adequate CRM tools in order to truly optimize their sales program. However, maximum results can only be achieved through user adoption and proper use of program, apart from simply executing a CRM system.

Advisory services – Cloud Sherpas’ CRM Roadmap and Process Design guarantee that the clients’ sales processes will be directed by best practices accessible with Salesforce Sales Cloud Capabilities.

Implementation – the company has already developed repeatable processes which results in foreseeable outcome.

Change management – the company’s change management services will assist the clients in increasing user acceptance of the system, and eventually, the success of the newly implemented solution.

Customer Service and Call Center Effectiveness
In any business, customer service is considered as a vital component, and so it is very important that the clients provide it with the highest level of support. Through implementation of a CRM system, clients will be capable of enhancing their customer interactions with the use of tools which consent the experience management, social media interactions, personalization and more.

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