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Cloudsecretary Philippines

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Cloud Secretary is North America’s leading provider of online administrative services. It has over a hundred of tele-secretaries all over the world that offer small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the best online administrative services to represent your business 24 hours a day. Cloudsecretary Philippines can synchronize a professional with live telephone support and modern technology for optimal performance through its live call answering service that receive inbound calls, take down voice messages notes, send typed out messages in behalf of its clients.

Cloudsecretary provides clients with professional receptionists that receives calls, redirects call to chosen contact, collect information taken from calls so you can search information and refer to messages in your call history and receive voice messages in your email translated in more than 10 languages. Cloud Secretary Philippines also manages agenda by sending reminders on events in schedule, confirming appointments, reminding of next meeting, scheduling appointments and updating waiting lists. It also allows business executives to have a virtual Office with address and phone number.

Through Cloudsecretary, entrepreneurs can delegate small tasks to help them leverage your time on more important and profitable work, organize trips, assist in booking flights, find hotels and get car rentals for business trips. Other services included serving as ring teachers that serve as an English teacher in ones pocket, which is designed for non English speaking executives and foreign students who want to learn English.

Cloudsecretary Philippines is located at Mabolo, Cebu City, and Mandaue City or Cebu City, Philippines with phone Tel. 1-773-250-2109.

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