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Cloudstaff Philippines

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Cloudstaff Philippines is a company that is known as a developing market for outsourcing services. It was founded in 2005 by an Australian Internet pioneer, Lloyd Ernst, and the organization was initially established to provide services that is in line with software development for Western markets. The company then extended its campaign to the region, originating with a tiny team consisting of seven staff. However, as an output of the flourishing expansion, the company was able to expand its service offerings as well as its workforce. Because of the company’s possession of local talent and reliable, experienced management, Cloudstaff Philippines has sustained to enjoy outstanding growth in all areas of its business year after year.

A Modern Workforce
A Modern Workforce brings together the right staff, the excellent technology and fully-operational workspaces to provide top class and inexpensive workforce solutions. This solution uses technology to generate groundbreaking tools that incorporate people, manage processes, and deliver a brand new level of communication, transparency and efficiency. Furthermore, this solution is easy to create, simple to expand, developed for incorporation into already existing workforces and is extremely inexpensive.

Accounting and Finance
Cloudstaff offers professional, highly talented accounting staff that can help organizations’ finance teams to achieve their targets at complete their goals. Through eliminating the repetitive and time consuming accounting tasks from organizations’ local teams’ workload, business owners can increase their time for more complicated tasks.

Back Office
Cloudstaff also delivers well-trained individuals as office support staff who can perform administration tasks that takes much time.

Creative Marketing
Creative marketing has already been considered as an essential tool for modern businesses. It makes an institution’s identity and communicates with its customers who they are, what they do and why they do it. In an tremendously competitive market, creative marketing can angle the scales in Cloudstaff’s clients’ favors.

There are a lot of reasons to join the company composed of talented and highly skilled individuals. Aside from the fact that it is indeed a fun, family-friendly and stress-free workplace, employees also get paid excellently and receive awesome benefit packages. What’s more, employees also get to enjoy free meal – lunches, food and beer that will the employees’ week an absolute fun. Flexible hours are also offered to the employees, so they have the luxury to choose their own schedule and come to work in the hours that greatly suit their lifestyle.

CloudStaff Philippines call center office address:

  • CloudStaff Clark
    B4 – 3F, BPO Building #4
    SM City Clark, Angeles City
    Pampanga, Philippines

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