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Coastal Training Technologies

Founded in 1984 by Paul V. Michels, Coastal Training Technologies Corp. is a business process outsourcing firm that specializes in providing learning solutions for multinational companies around the world. worldwide. Coastal Training Philippines publishes employee training products covering a wide range of topics in the fields of healthcare, human resources, industrial skills, and safety and environmental issues and delivered in multimedia format, CD-ROMs or DVDs, online web-based e-learning facilities as well as traditional books and pamphlets. It also provides school safety training programs for the educational institutions as well as training programs for government employees.

In 2008, DuPont acquired Coastal Training Technologies and now operates as a subsidiary of DuPont. As such, it carries the DuPont eLearning Suite, a learning Management System that allows organizations to deliver, manage, and track e-Learning training of its employees. It also has an interactive courseware for improving values, behaviours, work skills and attitudes of the employees. The program has an authoring tool that allows users to create unique interactive online courses that are specially customizable for their specific training requirements. It also provides a Contractor Tracking System for contractual workers as well as a Technical Reference System for creating material content on a Web-based platform. The company also expanded its services in providing consulting services and safety training materials and products that help companies improve workplace safety systems and operations.

Coastal Training Technologies which is now a subsidiary of DuPont Sustainable Solutions is headquartered at 500 Studio Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23452 United States.

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