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CogentC InfoPro Outsourcing

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CogentC InfoPro Outsourcing is a premium business processing outsourcing firm that focuses in the delivering quality back office support services that allows organizations to respond dynamically to the needs of the market in fast phased business environment. CogentC InfoPro Philippines specializes providing a comprehensive finance and accounting services that completes the whole accounting cycle from bookkeeping and payroll, to financial closing process and financial statement analysis. Moreover, the firm also provides other accounting services such as accounts Payable Processing that included invoicing, age analysis, and payment.

It also provides Bank Reconciliation which involves reconciling the amounts in a company’s books with those on the bank statement. Financial Statement Closing Assistance involves preparation of regulatory reporting, ensuring that the financial report packages are consistent and reliable. CogentC InfoPro Philippines also helps in Year-End Audit Assistance that facilitate smoother external audit, physical Assets Count especially fixed assets, store merchandise, spare parts, and capital equipment, Account Reconciliation & Analysis especially for companies that have undergone data loses due to some fortuitous event, Account Analysis which involves analyzing financial data to evaluate performance and provide recommendations for cost improvement.

The company also offers Audit & Assurance which essentially pertains to official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body. It also offers Enterprise risk services which involve analysis and evaluation of company operations to identify weaknesses or risky conditions and come up with recommendations to mitigate or avert identified risks and weakness. Finally, CogentC Philippines also provides Data & File Management which included sorting and filing of hard copies of important financial, accounting, and legal documents, bar coding of files and folders, and assistance in storage and retrieval solutions.

CogentC InfoPro Outsourcing is located at the corner of Ayala and Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines.

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