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Cold Calling in Call Center Job

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Cold calling pertains to a marketing process of calling a prospective customer who may be totally unaware for such call. It is termed “cold” because the call is basically unsolicited similar to spam email that can be irritating to a person. In the same manner, the caller or marketing agent may receive cold shoulders from the potential client because he/ she is not expecting a call, may not be interested for anything or may disturbing to them.

In the call center industry especially for the outbound or marketing call centers, cold calling is a common marketing approach. Calling clients to market via cold calling is innate for outbound callers because that is precisely what they ought to do to find clients. However because of its repercussive consequences as one might even lose a potential client instead of gaining one, utmost care should be practiced in conducting cold calling to be successful and get positive responses.

In cold calling, the first thing the call center office must understand is to put cold calling approach in the proper marketing perspective. This means that cold calling should not be treated as a random marketing approach of just making as many calls as possible and simply hoping that one or two of those called will respond. Instead, cold calling should follow strict marketing planning. And every plan starts with establishing an objective. Establishing call objective means that the call center should properly identify its target market and conduct research for each prospective target to determine if they need something that the company can address. After which, it is important to call the appropriate authority or decision maker in the company instead of simply calling anybody from there. Finding the appropriate person to call in the company is critical because personnel in a large company have many specific concerns. Finding the right person to call is like hitting the right spot or Achilles heel to hit. One may not be able to speak to the CEO, CIO or CFO, but one might be able to go through the department heads who will in turn give endorsement for you to have a key to call the proper higher authorities to target.

After successfully getting to the right person, ask permission to speak. Time is valuable to key officers of the company and one should make sure that the time the officer spent listening to the call is worth his time. At this point, one could utilize the “tag lines” that you practice. If the target person is busy at the moment, ask for schedule to follow up the call or a more convenient time for you to call him.

In making the marketing call per se, caller should not immediately jump into selling their service or product. Instead of selling, make the call conversational by using direct yet open ended questions. Open ended questions have no direct or exact answers nor do they sound interrogating as if soliciting for information. The conversation should be direct in order to make sure that the call is brief. We don’t want to waste time of the client nor yours.

Before ending the call, try to summarize the short interaction or chat with the potential client. Then follow it up with a written summary through email. This follow up email would provide more details about one’s proposal, which the client can review and reflect on. With proper planning, such strategy will definitely prevent your cold calls from being shut down in flames.

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