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Cole Asia Philippines

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Cole Asia Business Center Inc. (CABCI) is a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider that specializes in providing financial consultancy services and innovative business practices to international clients especially to emerging debt relief companies such as accounts receivable management, bankruptcy counseling, debt restructuring, customer relationship management, and other back office support services. Most of Cole Asia Philippines financial services are mostly engaged in helping consumers lower and extend their loans. Bankruptcy is not the end of one’s dreams, it is merely a transition period through which one will be provided the ability to repay the debts to creditors, regain one’s reputation and start all over. The company integrated a psychological approach to counseling in lieu of the trauma that people may experience due to insolvency. It is the ultimate aim of Cole Asia not to help creditors but to get people back on track and regain the lost momentum caused by an interim challenge towards success and financial freedom.

Cole Asia is comprised with highly trained staff and experts including Department of Justice certified counselors that provide services for a diversified customer base. The company also utilized the most advanced state of the art technologies, and proven business models that have been adopted by world class companies to provide unparalleled service and success for the day to day operations of business. With Cole Asia Philippines, companies are able to avail of the best models and practices that leading organizations have used which have brought about their expansion and success in the global market.

Cole Asia Philippines provides competitive compensation package, incentives and perks as well as career advancement opportunities in order to attract the best personnel that the employment market has and because of the inherent challenge involved in the discharge of the services.

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