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Collabera Solutions

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Collabera is an end-to-end information technology services and solutions provider that assist clients adopt the precise IT strategy for achieving their business objectives through a the right mix of consulting solutions, infrastructure and assets as well as practices and methodologies. Collabera Solutions has over 7000 professionals in 25 service centers located in the U.S., UK, the Philippines, India and Singapore. It provides a complete array of services from consultancy, software development & management, quality testing Services, Enterprise Software Solutions, infrastructure engineering, business intelligence & Data Warehousing, Mobile and Wireless Professional Services.

Collabera Solutions Philippines adopts a customer centric execution model which focuses on the delivery and attainment of customer specific needs. It acts based on a rigorous research process by clearly understand a client’s needs and aligning its services and solutions accordingly. Collabera Philippines emphasizes on driving innovation in the belief that a company has unique requirements and must continuously engage in change to adopt to the changing environment. It has the best software engineering, personnel and Information security practices which constitute its top quality of service. It adopts a customer first culture, which among others gives primary importance on the needs of customers.

Among the consulting services of the Collabera Philippines includes revenue growth strategies, customer insights, mobile banking and BI and Data Management. IT is not merely a driver but a innovation driver for achieving competence and strength. It engages in application development and management, BI and Data Warehousing, Portals and Content Management, Mobility and Testing. For its Enterprise Software Solutions, it provides SAP Mobility, Products and services as well as Product Engineering Services. For its infrastructure services, Collabera Solutions provides hardware engineering, embedded software, product testing service, industry and Solutions, integrated availability management and database management and professional services.
Collabera Philippines provides innovative solutions for dashboard for banks and financial institutions, revenue growth strategies, customer oriented management, single view of customer, supply chain management, eCommerce, mobility and SharePoint.

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