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Comfac Global Group

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Comfac Global Group(CGG) is the Philippines premier systems integrator and total fit contractor for workspace facilities. The company was founded in 1981 as a conventional IT product vendor and supplier. With the boom of the outsourcing phenomenon, Comfac Global Group (CGG) has transformed itself today as a systems integrator providing the perfect customized fit for workspace facilities of practically every type of company requiring information technology to operate or enhance its operations.

Comfac Global Group in partnership with major IT product companies to assist in its mission of providing the perfect fit solutions to achieve total customer satisfaction. In particular, its is complemented by the Comfac Global Group including Comfac Corporation, Cornersteel Systems Corporation Energy Specialist Company or ESCO and Appxys. Comfac Corporation is responsible provides information technology planning and management as well integration solution for people and technology. It also provides the most advance Technology products that will provide the communications infrastructure of a client.

Cornersteel Systems Corporation provide the best fit workspace facilities that will provide the most comfortable furnishing to match every space, provide comfort to workers and create the best impression to customers. Energy Specialist Company or ESCO provide the energy systems for powering the company operations. It mainly delivers sustainability solutions that go beyond generating profits but giving back to society and the environment. Finally, Appxys company provides cloud based IT applications and products in a cloud computing platform using Point & Click, Drag & Drop tools which provide greater flexibility and cost efficiency for companies. The combination of these companies provide a comprehensive approach for the creation of the perfect workplace from IT support systems, business applications and security systems to modular and custom furniture that creates the most attractive and efficient workspace facilities for operating and grow a company.

Comfac Philippines call center office address:

  • Comfac Makati
    19/F The World Centre
    330 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue,
    Makati City, Philippines
    (02) 867 8301

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