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Common Call Center Core Values

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The core values of a company pertain to the principles or moral standards that a company upholds in the conduct of their operations or in providing their services. These values help guide all stakeholders from employees, clients and owners in interacting or dealing with the company. The identification of core values helps the company to standardize their ethical values to homogenize that priority values that employees and management need to uphold, which is necessary considering the diverse values of the individual personnel that constitute the organization. This helps build the right culture that management wants to maintain within the organization. Meanwhile, it also serves as marketing scheme to show clients that the organization shares the same important values that clients equally hold dear which in turn helps in letting them feel assured of the company’s commitment and services.

There are no fixed or standard core values for a call center company. The selection of core values for a company ultimately depends on the cultural values that the organization’s founders or owners want to attain, the marketing scheme or reputation that the company wants to impress or convey to customers and finally, the creativity of the management to encompass the important values in life. Among the common core values for a call center included humility, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, and commitment to excellence. Humility is used in support of customer service. Teamwork is also commonly used because outsourcing entails partnership and teamwork. Honesty and responsibility are commonly used because these are values that are key ingredients for client to have faith in the company to designate some of their critical functions to a third party. Finally, commitment to excellence is another core value to capture the company’s dedication to achieving quality in all their work.

Other common call center core values that are used included Openness and Adaptiveness to Change to capture dynamism, High Standards which relates to quality, Efficiency, Self-motivating, Self-awareness, Self-discipline (commonly for companies offering home-based telecommuting services) Self-improvement for continuing growth, leadership, Perseverance, Helpfulness to Others, Friendliness., Courtesy and Empathy to emphasize customer service. Still others included Positivity, Confidence, Loyalty, Passion, Tenacity and Innovation.

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