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Common Call Center Offenses

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All kinds of employment include policy contracts wherein it states the so-called terminable offenses. These offenses are applicable in any job. There are some things that for some, they might sound simple, but in the reality of the call center industry, they are already grave offenses and could lead you to losing your job. Here are some of the most common call center terminable offenses.

Sleeping on the floor. In some other jobs, if your supervisor catches you snoozing while at work, you might be given a memo or reprimanded in some other way, but you won’t be automatically terminated. In call centers however, this is considered a terminable offense. Some companies see this as still a forgivable offense, depending on how lenient your supervisor is. So if you feel like you no longer have the energy to fight the urge to doze off, go to the retiring area and take a nap.

Call Avoidance. Weather you dropped the call before, while or after you do your opening spiel, or you hang up the call in the middle of the conversation, it is call avoidance – the major terminable offense in the call center industry. You signed up for the job where you agreed to take calls and assist customers over the phone and hanging up on a call just means you are deliberately escaping your primary responsibility.

Rudeness and Condescendence. Being rude and condescending to the customers are certainly not aloud during a call. As a customer service provider, one of your responsibilities as well is to be polite to your customers over the phone, regardless if he or she is irate or being difficult. However, you did not sign up for a job wherein you are required to tolerate insults and profanity from your customers. Use your special spiel for this and make sure to end the call properly.

Fraud. This is especially true for sales account for obvious reasons. Using your customer’s credit card information or simply putting products to a customer’s account without his or her consent just to make a sale is considered fraud, and it could not only cost you your job – an arrest officer might even pay you a visit.

These are just some of the common major offenses that can merit your termination. These can be easily avoided, too. Self-discipline and right attitude are all you need.

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