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Common Problems of Call Center Agents

In order to survive and grow in the call center industry, it would be worthwhile to learn in advance the common problems of call center workers so that one can be more prepared and make the necessary adjustments before said problems arise. Hereunder are common problems of call center workers that can push them to quit and leave the industry.

Lack of sleep. Call center agents often lack sleep which would later develop to insomnia, a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. This is primarily a result of their inability or unwillingness to adjust to night life.

Poor health. Lack of sleep is a major stressor that can negatively impact body systems including one’s immunity, nerve, muscles and bones, respiration, and blood circulation among others. This makes a person frequently susceptible to different illness from ordinary headaches, body pains, flu, eye sores to major diseases like diabetes.

Vices. Many call center agents are mistakenly inclined to engage in vices like smoking and alcoholism in the belief of coping with the stress at work.

Lack of family time. Agents especially married ones complain of lacking time for their families because their wife/ husband and children are usually out in the day when the agent is at home. During day offs on the other hand, agents often lack the vitality to spend quality time with family.

Irate callers. agents complain of some irate callers who make irksome or infuriating insults to them.

Job dissatisfaction. many agents feel dissatisfied with their work because they think that their work does not sufficiently compensate the sacrifices, difficulties and challenges they need to endure in working at a call center.

Love problems. many agents face love problems arising from many things like being unable to spend time with loved ones, having an affair with someone, hoping to find love at work.

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